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Organic cotton - General information

Organic cotton is grown on fields where the farmers use natural resources and methods only. The cotton is hand-picked. No chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used. Crop rotation is used to prevent soil degradation. 

Fabrics and GOTS certification

All of Bo Weevil’s fabrics are produced using certified organic cotton. This is indicated by the GOTS label on the roll and our GOTS registration number CU005007. Because this label cannot be attached to the fabric for practical reasons, we can issue a statement indicating proof of certification for the fabrics you have purchased upon request. And here, you find our GOTS-certificate.

Transaction certificates

Transaction certificates can be used to demonstrate that each step in the production chain of the certified substances and products has been carried out in accordance with the GOTS guidelines. If your company is GOTS certified and you want to sell products with your own GOTS label, you need transaction certificates for the Bo Weevil fabrics or products. You can request these certificates within 3 months after the invoice date. All purchases within 3 months can be stated on one transaction certificate and the costs per certificate are 45 euros. For more information, please refer to the GOTS guidelines.


Most of our fabrics are produced in Turkey, where they are either woven or knitted using high-quality Turkish Bergama cotton. Our goal is to produce high-quality fabrics of this cotton.  

Please note that for quality control reasons, samples have to be taken from various rolls of fabric in the factory.  Consequently, in rare cases, you may find a hole in our fabric. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented. 

Colouring and other treatments

Hydrogen peroxide is used to bleach our fabrics. Colouring is done using allowed synthetic dyes only. No formaldehyde, heavy metals or AZO dyes may be used. Waste material is either re-used or disposed of in a responsible manner.  

We use low-impact, reactive dyes for our clothing. These are synthetic dyes. Control Union allows usage of specific types of synthetic dyes, provided that appropriate dying techniques and waste disposal systems are in place.  Synthetic dyes provide better colorfastness than natural dyes, thereby increasing the life-cycle of fabrics and clothing.  

Control Union performs  annual audits on the factories and workplaces where we produce our fabrics and clothing.

For clarification, a description of a the most important of colours:

  • Off-white: The cloth has been washed and bleached with hydrogen peroxide according to GOTS standards. This makes the fabric lighter in colour than the 'natural' colour variant.
  • Optical white: Optical brighteners have been added during the post-treatment in the production process for an extra white colour; everything according to the GOTS standards as described above.
  • Cream and all other colours: These are paint shades. The cloth is washed and bleached with hydrogen peroxide and then dyed; everything according to the GOTS standards as described above.

Washing, ironing, shrinkage

All of our fabrics have been washed and pre-shrunk, and treated to allow for a maximum of 5% shrinkage when washed at 40 degrees. The usual shrinkage is 3-4%. To save the environment and to keep our fabrics beautiful, we advise our customers not to use bleach, not to dry-clean, and to line dry. All of our fabrics may be ironed. We recommend low to medium heat. 

Sample lengths

We recommend to order sample meters to make sure the fabric meets your expectations. This service is delivered by our partner Pure Fabricz. On every product page you will find a link to the corresponding page of the Pure Fabricz webshop where you can order any quantity you require.

Complete rolls and fabric swatches can be ordered directly at Bo Weevil. 


We do our best to have all fabrics in stock. From time to time however, we may run out of certain fabrics due to unexpectedly high sales volumes.  Because we do not want to disappoint you, we advise you to check early if the fabrics you want are in stock, especially in case of large shipments. Our fabrics are produced with the highest quality standards, hence production cycles may take up to two months.  


Organic fabric has to be treated differently than conventional fabric. For instance, since the weaving and knitting runs are smaller, there may be more imperfections in the fabric. Also, due to the low-impact scouring agents and finishing techniques used to support eco-friendly processing, some stains or surface problems may be in the fabric.

We will do everything possible to provide the best quality while maintaining the integrity of the organic product, but keep these points in mind when you order organic fabrics.

Bo Weevil does not endorse any products created with our fabric. Any products which use Bo Weevil fabric are the sole responsibility of the creator/owner of the product and Bo Weevil is not liable for any legal action taken due to the product.

PLEASE NOTE: All sales are final. No rejections, returns or allowances made after goods are cut, processed or converted in any manner. 

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