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Personal meetings are good. That is why we visit almost all our suppliers every year. That is good for the relationship, but also good to actually see the production and know how things are going and if the working conditions are as good as they are supposed to be. Last December we went to Turkey to visit or producers in Denizli and Izmir. In Denizli we met Emre, the producer of our towels, bath robes and other bathing textiles. Today, we introduce him to you in this blog.

Just over three years ago Bo Weevil started a cooperation with a young family business in Denizli. The father and his eldest son founded this company in 2014. After years of experience in the conventional textile industry they felt the urge to produce in a more sustainable way. They make mainly home textiles and clothing – often for promotional purposes. Their total production is certified. The organic cotton used for their production comes from the West of Turkey, the region where the most beautiful cotton is grown.

Last December’s visit was prior to placing a new order for towels. This was the last chance to finalise things; the samples, hangtags and packaging are discussed, changes made when needed, and after a final GO the production can start. After production has started, it’ll be hard to implement any changes.

We think quality is very important, for Emre and his family, quality is top priority.

#imadeyouryarn for transparency
floaten #imadeyouryarn is this weeks’ topic of our newsletter.  This in response to the world wide Fashion Revolution Week, to memorize Rana Plaza (April 24, 2013). Here you can read more about Fashion Revolution week.
We asked Emre to take a picture in the workshop where our products are made. In fact, the hashtag #imadeyourtowel would have been more appropriate but this text was not available from Fashion Revolution ;-). Since every single step in the production is specialised, production usually isn’t found in one place. For our towels, the yarn is spun in Ankara in a certified spinning mill. The yarn is then transported to a certified weaving mill in Denizli where the towels are woven. After weaving, the towels are washed and - in case of coloured towels -  dyed in a certified dye house, also in Denizli. The stitching and packaging is done in Emre’s work shop. It is a long production chain, and many hands are needed. Emre and his family are responsible for the whole chain to be certified, and the final product to be perfect.

Cooperation and differences
In the collaboration between cultures it can be a challenge to understand each other well.
Especially if a Dutch person thinks he/she can communicate as a typical Dutch person ‘to the point and direct’. Most of the time it is extremely interesting just to look and to listen when we meet. Our experience is that every Turk is very kind, has a positive approach and they have pride. We always find a good way to work together. That is why our annual meetings are so valuable. These improve our relationship every time .

A nice side effect of this trip was the train journey that we made from Denizli to Izmir. You need to take the time for this four hour trip. It definitely is a recommendation!


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